The JV Show

The JV Show

New Movie Friday!!

 "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"  (PG-13) 

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are back as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, Sally Field is Aunt May, and there are three new villains:  Jamie Foxx is Electro, Paul Giamatti is the Rhino, and Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborn . . . a.k.a. the Green Goblin.


In this one, Harry Osborn reveals that Oscorp had Peter under surveillance.  That leads to Peter learning the truth about his dad's connection to Oscorp's research . . . the same research that creates Electro, Rhino, and the Green Goblin.



"Walk of Shame"  (R) 

Elizabeth Banks plays a news anchor who has a one-night stand with James Marsden after getting passed up for her dream job.  And by the time she finds out she's still in the running for her it, she's stranded in downtown L.A. without cash, a phone, or any ID . . . wearing her same slutty yellow dress from the night before her hook-up.


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