The JV Show

The JV Show

King Of The Mic Fridays! VOTE HERE!

Every Friday we do a segment called "King Of The Mic" where two Bay Area rappers put their skills to the test!

Each week we give them a topic to rap about. This week we asked them to rap about The JV Show.

Last week our champ of SEVEN weeks Unanimus, was taken out by Joe Helu! And now Joe Helu is back and ready to take on his challenger, Eno. 

Check out each of their raps below and then vote for who you think has the better skills in this weeks "King Of The Mic"


This weeks challenger is Eno from Livermore! He's 24 years old and has been rapping since he was in the middle school. Eno is a recent graduate from SF State. 

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The NEW returning champ for King Of The Mic is Joe Helu from the group Root Reality! Joe is 24 years old and lives in East Palo Alto. Joe has been writing poetry since he was a kid and started the rap game four years ago. 

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NOW that you've had the chance to listen to each rap please answer the poll question and tell us who you think did a better job!

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Poll: Who Is This Weeks King Of The Mic?
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