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CELEB TRASH- Miley, Bieber, MORE Miley & Much More!

Miley Cyrus Drops A Single w/ Future "Real & True" 

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Miley Cyrus joins rapper/producer Future on a new track called “Real and True.” The track precedes Future’s 2nd album ‘Honest’ & is Miley’s second time collaborating with a hip-hop artist!

“Real and True” is related to Future’s storyline with his fiancée Ciara. Future said in an interview: "The song is just telling people that sometimes when you get into relationships you have certain mistakes that you've made and your partner might have certain situations that they might've been in, [but it's] just putting all of your differences aside for a better cause."

Check out the single:


Miley Cyrus got a NEW TATTOO!

Miley has a BUNCH of tats on her body and now she’s added this one to the list… Kat Von D was the artist that drew a woman’s face on Miley’s arm. The question is, who is that woman on her arm?!?

Its her Grandmother!

Check out the pic of Miley’s new tat of her grandmother that she posted on her Instagram:

And below is the pic of Miley Cyrus' tattoo that the artist Kat Von D posted to her Instagram:


Justin Bieber An Investor?!

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Bieber is taking the Justin Timberlake route. Timberlake recently invested money into Myspace and now Justin Bieber has made a similar investment.

Bieber pumped $1.1 MILLION into a new social media network aimed at teens called “Shots At Me.”


The CEO of RockLive, who is behind Shots At Me, said that the idea really grabbed Bieber’s attention… "When we told him that we were looking to create a social network for teens that really addresses what they aren't getting on other networks, his eyes just lit up," said John Shahidi the CEO of Rock Live.


To check out more of the story CLICK HERE!


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