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CELEB TRASH- Diddy, Nick Cannon, Demi Lovato & MORE!!

Diddy or Puff Daddy?

In his newest single, "Big Homie", from his new album, Diddy will be referring himself as Puff Daddy! It's been fifteen years since he has used this name! So is he changing his name back....? Or did he even change his name in the first place?

He tweets, "For the record, I did not change my name. I have always been and always will be PUFF DADDY! :) Be cool. Man, LOL."

Check out the "Big Homie" music video!


Nick Cannon's white face!

Nick Cannon has a new album titled as " White people party music" that will hit stores April 1st!

The whole "white face" controversy that came with Nick Cannon's new character, Connor Smallnut, caused him to speak up. 

He posted a picture of the White face mountain ski area with the caption, "By the way, this is 'White Face'. Dude, Let's hit the slopes!! LOL"

He also posted a link to a skit he performed with rapper NAS and actor/comedian Affion Crocket, which featured them in black face, while singing about watermelon.

Nick Cannon tweets, "I love this conversation though: It's showing a lot of people's true colors....#punintended."

Check out one of the many pictures Nick Cannon posts on his Instagram as a "White Face"!!!!



Demi Lovato VS. Kathy Griffin!

Kathy Griffin said that Demi Lovato was the "biggest douche celebrity" she has ever met. Ouch. This didn't stick too well with Demi's fans and they began to send Kathy Griffin DEATH threats. WHAT?!

Here's a few of the threats Kathy received for dissing Demi...

"Kathy, I'm going to stick you in the oven and kill you probably on broil."
"You deserve to get cancer...or AIDS....or raped."

Then there were the typical, "Shut the eff up" messages she received. 

Wow. Good thing Demi Lovato has nothing to do with these threats. She sent a message to Kathy saying, "No one should ever wish those things upon ANYONE. I do NOT approve of that at all. Sorry for that."


Photo credit: Getty Images


"Basketball Wives" BRAWL!

Draya Michele & Sundy Carter get into a HUGE fight during Monday's episode that leaves one of them with a horrible BLACK and BLUE EYE!

The reality show stars' fight was instigated by Jackie Christie, according to Draya, after she had aired her personal business. BUT, during an interview, Draya says she still is not 100% sure about what Sundy's problem is.

Draya says, "This Sundy girl. The way that she talks about me in her interviews, as if she has a real problem with me so I just had to ask her like, 'What is wrong with you? Did I steal your boyfriend in high school? I couldn't have because you're 40. Like I wasn't born yet when you were in high school.' So, it's like arguing with just like a dummy."

If you check out Sundy's Twitter feed here, you'll see her responses to people's opinions!!




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