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6 Things to Expect When Your Friend Gets a Boyfriend...

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Ladies, here are six things you should expect when your friend gets a new boyfriend . . .



1.  It's all she's going to talk about.  When your friend gets a new boyfriend, you're going to hear about his favorite restaurant, his shoe size, what his family's like, what he's like in bed . . . EVERYTHING.



2.  You can't make plans.  Making plans used to be easy . . . but now whenever you want to do something together, she'll have to check with him first.



3.  They'll go everywhere together.  Whenever you go out, he'll be there too, so you can't talk like you used to.



4.  Every post on Facebook will be about him.  Including her new profile picture and all her status updates.



5.  She'll ask you when YOU'RE getting a boyfriend.  She'll think that just because SHE has one, it's time you do too.



6.  You'll have to console her.  Eventually your friend and her boyfriend are going to have an argument . . . or break-up . . . and you're going to be the person she goes to for support.


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